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Podcast: “VR Workforce Studio featured Dr. Rob Froehlich on their podcast episode: Faith, Grit and Vocational Rehabilitation. The Pam Cobbler Story.”


Torch Torch PERT 2016

Investing in Career Opportunities for Youths with Disabilities

Torch Torch PERT 2016.pptx

Project Factsheet

This fact sheet was developed to inform readers on VR ROI Project background information, goals, specific approach, and activities.

fact sheet

VR ROI Project Factsheet

Download 38th IRI: Return on Investment and Economic Impact (pdf)

38th IRI Book Cover

38th IRI: Return on Investment and Economic Impact: Determining and Communicating the Value of Vocational Rehabilitation

ROI Estimator

The ROI Estimator will be developed during the VR ROI Project. It will be a user-friendly Web-based tool used to allow state agencies to simulate the impact of different VR services on the employment outcomes of VR clients. In addition it will allow for the development of ROI estimates for state VR programs.

This picture is a “mock-up” of the ROI Estimator.